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Levupets is a luxury pet boutique from Singapore specialising in highly customised and high-quality pet accessories. Every single item was meticulously crafted by hand to offer you the highest standards of craftsmanship that your pets deserve. With a wide range of colours and designs to choose from, customise your perfect accessory to make it uniquely yours.


Levupets is proud to have created original designs such as our signature Kirei Bow Tie, Kanzashi Pet Accessories and Omamori ID Tags. We are happy that our customers have been loving our creations and will continue working hard to introduce new designs. We appreciate your support for our original designs.


From Hana and Kaito's hooman - Levupets has a top-notch service that is to be recognised. She's patient and does her best to advice on any queries I have. I'm a first time client of hers. so I get worried about the sizes. but wow by the photos, you can tell how perfect they fit my pups. When I received her bows, it really shows the amount of effort and hard-work she has put in. in each and every bow. I really admire her detailed craftsmanship.


We absolutely love the variety of designs available and the quality of the accessories from Levupets! The Japanese inspired bow ties are our favourite every intricate detail has been meticulously hand made, and this is reflected in the high quality and consistency of their products. Would highly recommend purchasing some beautiful accessories for your furbabies from Levupets.


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