We raised $643.57 (¥3171.86) together

Thank you for your support. We sold a total of 40 bow ties and had over $80 of direct donations. With another $130 from Levupets, the total donated sum was $643.57


We wouldn't have been able to do this without your help, so on behalf of Xiaojing and all her animals, thank you!

As some of you might know, two of my dogs were adopted from Shanghai, China, and it was all thanks to 晓静 (Xiaojing) for introducing me to Yuyu and Yumi. Had it not been for her, I'll most likely still not have a pet. Xiaojing is an amazing lady who has a big heart and is a true angel to the animals. From a glamorous working woman who travels all over the world, to a tired individual who doesn't even go to the doctor to save money for the pets; she has really become an icon for me. She runs a small shelter in Shanghai named 107 Shelter. Why 107? That's because she has 46 dogs and 30 cats under her care. And without any funds to hire staffs, the burden of taking care of all these pers falls onto her and her ageing father's shoulders. Sadly, he is no longer in the condition to take care of these pets, so she has to do everything herself, from walking the dogs to washing and feeding all the animals. Occasionally, there will be volunteers who drop by to help, but she is still struggling daily to take care of them all. Yet, I've never heard her complain once, and her social media is just filled with cute and happy photos of all the pets.


Some of you might ask, why keep so many pets? Why not just find them a home? Well here's the thing, all the dogs and cats that stay with her are those that are blind, disabled, and impaired in some way or another. She takes in all the dogs and cats that she knows has zero chances of being adopted. Quoting her "难看的,残疾的,没人要的都给我吧。我来爱它们。" (Give me the ugly ones, the disabled ones, the ones that no one wants. Let me give them love.) All these dogs and cats also need to see the vet frequently, so these are all just adding on to her financial burden.


Till date, I've never recalled a time when Xiaojing will ever ask anyone for help to fund her, but rather took out loans and sold her houses to continue taking care of all her pets. I have always tried to give her some money to help lighten the burden, but she always responds with "你把这钱拿去喂你家宝贝吧,我不用!" (Feed your babies with this money, I don't need it!). So, to see her reaching out and asking for donations for the first time really shows how desperate and grave the issue she is facing is.


They have found a new place that is much more suitable for all the dogs and cats. It is a big house in the countryside, where the dogs can have ample space to play in the yard and enjoy the sun. However, the owner requires them to pay for the entire year of rent at one go. Rent is ¥6000 per month, so annual rent will be ¥72,000. In addition, they will also need to build a glass house and basic renovation for the 30+ cats so that they can roam freely, and that will be another ¥20,000~¥30,000. For her to fork out ¥100,000 in the next two weeks is really putting a big burden on her, and the banks will not approve of this loan, so she has no choice but to reach out to the community.


Therefore, if you can, please do give her some help, and show her that there are many pet lovers who will support her. You can either purchase a bow tie or collar from us, and we will donate 100% of the revenue to her, or donate to her directly by scanning the Alipay or Wechat pay QR codes down below. On behalf of the entire Levupets team (dogs included), Xiaojing, and all the dogs and cats awaiting a better home, I sincerely thank you for your support and love.



About Xiaojing and 107 Shelter