This custom designed pet ID tag is personalised with your dog's or cat's name. Choose your favourite colours, and put your contact details (contact number or house address) on the flip side. Wish to include their microchip number? Just send us a message and we will add it in for you.


An ID tag is extremely important, and it is the one product that I always wish will never be handy simply because that will mean your pet had gone missing. However, if the unfortunate event ever happens, we want there to be some ways you can get him or her back, and an ID tag is the most effective way to share that information.


P.S. These tags can be used not only as an ID tag for your pet but also as a keychain for yourself!


How to customise?

Step 1: Choose a colour

Step 2: Choose a font - We offer it in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese at the moment. If you wish to write in a different language, or want our help in translating the name, just send us a message

Step 3: Decide on the details for the tag - Our usual template includes the contact number and/or house address. However, if you have something else you wish to include (e.g. microchip number or allergy details), just include it when checking out.

Step 4: Choose a size

Name Acrylic ID Tag

Inner Text Colour
Outer Text Colour

2 - 3 weeks