These amulets are made with Chinese amulets that are commonly given to children and newborns in hopes of bringing them health and fortune. With the same wish in mind, we hope that these amulets will bring your pets the same blessings.


Tiger Head (Hu Tou)

The Tiger Head (虎头)is commonly worn by children and babies to wish that the child grows up strong and healthy. Tiger is a mascot thought to ward off evil and bad spirits, and the wearer with its face will be protected from sickness and misfortune. The Chinese saying 虎头虎脑 is a term used for children who are strong, able-bodied and healthy.


Safety (Ping An)

Red represents prosperity and health, and many parents will put a little amulet with the word 平安 by their newborn child to pray for their health. It is also a common practice for the newborn child's 胎毛 to be enclosed within the amulet.

Fortune & Health Amulets


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